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Blue flower

Hartnett, Sonya, 1968-2021
A gentle exploration of a child's realisation that it is her individual differences and creativity that make her special, with stunning illustrations by the talented Gabriel Evans that delicately and sensitively convey the child's emotional journey. A young child describes her qualms about going ...
List view record 2: The boy and the elephantList view anchor tag for record 2: The boy and the elephant
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The boy and the elephant

Blackwood, Freya2021
The boy lives in a city, where everything is fast and loud. But amidst the bustle and the noise, the boy has a secret ... In the overgrown lot next to his apartment building, deep within the green, he has a friend. But one day progress arrives, bringing with it plans for something new, and the bo...
List view record 3: The boy who tried to shrink his nameList view anchor tag for record 3: The boy who tried to shrink his name
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List view record 4: Common wealthList view anchor tag for record 4: Common wealth
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Common wealth

Dreise, Gregg2021
All that I'm wishing, Is that you take a moment to listen...A slam poetry persuasive and powerful vision of unity from award-winning First Nations creator Gregg Dreise. Passionate, yet peaceful, Common Wealth is a compelling plea for a future of truth, togetherness and respect for our nation's de...
List view record 5: Day breakList view anchor tag for record 5: Day break
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Day break

McQuire, Amy2021
This is the story of a family making their way back to Country on January 26. We see the strength they draw from being together, and from sharing stories as they move through a shifting landscape. The story refocuses the narratives around Australia Day on Indigenous survival and resistance, and i...
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List view record 6: Don't forget [Paperback]List view anchor tag for record 6: Don't forget [Paperback]
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Don't forget [Paperback]

Godwin, Jane, 1964-2021
Don't forget to make your bed, and wear socks that fit your feet... Don't forget to care, to play, To run, to laugh... Sometimes, we need to remember all the things we can do to be part of the world. Small things, like offering a smile. And bigger things, like hoping, dreaming, imagining...
List view record 7: Enough love?List view anchor tag for record 7: Enough love?
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Enough love?

Hutchings, Maggie2021
Willa had one dad one mum one home and a bird. And that was enough. So when Willa's parents split up, she's pretty sad. But at least they are still all hers. Until Dad meets Kevin and Willa's family starts to grow… and keeps on growing. When will enough be enough? Or is there always room for more...
List view record 8: The flying angelList view anchor tag for record 8: The flying angel
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The flying angel

Bennett, Vicki2021
World War II. 1945. A group of nurses is handpicked to rescue injured soldiers from the frontline in Papua New Guinea, and transport them safely back home to Australia. Known for their courage and compassion, the soldiers call them... the Flying Angels. This is a true story inspired by the life o...
List view record 9: Frankie and the FossilList view anchor tag for record 9: Frankie and the Fossil
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Frankie and the Fossil

McGeachin, Jess2021
Frankie knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs. But when she ignores a sign at the museum and is followed home by a friendly fossil, Frankie finds there's more to dinosaurs than she ever imagined. Frankie and the Fossil is an irresistible story about being heard . . . and finding your ...
List view record 10: Happy hoppy homeList view anchor tag for record 10: Happy hoppy home
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Happy hoppy home

Suwannakit, Tull2021
Papa Hare, Dot, Pip and Pat, and Baby Cottontail live together in a very small and crowded burrow. Then one day, Papa Hare comes up with a brilliant plan ...An enchanting and heartwarming story that celebrates the true joys of family and home.
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