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Aunty's wedding

Tapsell, Miranda2020
Everyone on the island is getting ready for Aunty's wedding. Maningawu puts on her best hat and I can wear a wurrijinga in my hair. Lucky! We all dress up, but I still don't understand. Why do people have a wedding? A warm family story that celebrates love and culture from actor, activist, writer...
List view record 2: Baby business [Paperback]List view anchor tag for record 2: Baby business [Paperback]
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Baby business [Paperback]

Seymour, Jasmine2019
Baby Business tells the story of the baby smoking ceremony that welcomes baby to country. The smoke is a blessing - it will protect the baby and remind them that they belong. This beautiful ritual is recounted in a way young children will completely relate to. Jasmine Seymour is a Darug woman and...
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List view record 4: Clever crow = : Wäk L̲iya-DjambatjList view anchor tag for record 4: Clever crow = : Wäk L̲iya-Djambatj
List view record 5: Coming home to countryList view anchor tag for record 5: Coming home to country
List view record 6: Day breakList view anchor tag for record 6: Day break
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Day break

McQuire, Amy2021
This is the story of a family making their way back to Country on January 26. We see the strength they draw from being together, and from sharing stories as they move through a shifting landscape. The story refocuses the narratives around Australia Day on Indigenous survival and resistance, and i...
List view record 7: Dreaming soldiersList view anchor tag for record 7: Dreaming soldiers
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Dreaming soldiers

Bauer, Catherine2018
Jimmy and Johnno, are best mates. The two young friends do everything together, sharing adventures and growing up side by side in the dusty cattle yards of an Australian Outback station. When World War One strikes they head overseas to fight on the battlefields of the Western Front. Two boys from...
List view record 8: Emu dancingList view anchor tag for record 8: Emu dancing
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Emu dancing

Smith, Leesa2010
Henry loved his family, he loved the bush and he loved his music. Every morning he greeted the morning playing his didgeridoo high up on the cliff top. But Henry wanted to play his didgeridaoo with his brothers and uncles areoung the campfire. He wanted to play while Grandfather told stories from...
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Muir, Fay2020
Family, Heart and home, Yarning old people, Endless sky. Family is a thoughtful contemplation for all to learn the different ways that family makes us whole. This beautifully illustrated children's picture book shows everyone that 'family' can be about heart and home; an endless sky; stories and ...
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