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The whirl : men, music & misadventures
The whirl : men, music & misadventures
Cornwell, Jane2015
A sexy and amusing travel memoir about men, music and mistakes. London-based Jane Cornwell, high profile journalist and world music critic, has always thrown herself in head, heart and, very often, loins-first into relationships. A fascination for other cultures - and the music and men of other cultures - has resulted in adventures as audacious and comic as they are enlightening and erotic. Travelling the world in search of love, great music and good stories, Cornwall collects relationship 'experiences' the way the rest of us do souvenir tea towels or snow domes. She writes of the young Greek bartender on Skyros during the island's bacchanalian Goat Festival, the Jamaican gangster with the Rasta-coloured stones in his teeth who got her stoned and held her hostage on a beach cliff top in Negril; the Congolese guitarist in Paris who wooed her with gifts; the 24-year-old Afro-Cuban dancer in Santiago de Cuba who called her 'Mami', and many, many more...A fearless and funny search for love, connection and a man who can dance salsa with her (and not ask for money afterwards), this is a truly sexy travel memoir of music, men and mistakes for the adventurer in all of us.
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Beaumaris LibraryBiography070.4 CORAvailable