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Animal magic : my journey to save thousands of animals
Animal magic : my journey to save thousands of animals
Press-McKenzie, Carolyn2015
Heart-warming, funny and moving, this is the inspirational story of one woman's work with animals, first training them for film-work, and then developing a sanctuary for abandoned animals and rescuing them. Carolyn Press-McKenzie runs an organisation called HUHANZ 'Helping You Help Animals' as well as two animal sanctuaries, and her years of working with animals have given her many warm, funny and sad stories to tell. This memoir tells her story, and is interwoven with heart-warming stories of animals she has rescued, trained and loved. She writes with a lovely gentle sense of humour and perfectly pitched comic timing. It's a charming mix of one woman's drive to follow her passion, along with great animal stories both happy and sad - but that are ultimately happy-ever-after stories.
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Hampton LibraryBiography636.0832 PREOnloan - Due: 11 Feb 2021