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Ten of the best myths. Animal stories
Ten of the best myths. Animal stories
West, David, 1956-2014
Ten wonderful retellings of ancient myths and legends all about animals. These stories are taken from ancient Greek, Roman, African, Indian, Chinese and American cultures. Some readers will be familiar with, such as the story of Brer Rabbit. Others will be less familiar, such as the Chinese story of the gods and cats. Myths and ancient civilisations are a core element of the curriculum at KS2 and inclusions in this series, Ten of the Best Myths, of stories from Mayan, Japanese, Indian, Roman, Persian and American cultures - an many others - will both fascinate and educate young readers.
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London : Franklin Watts, 2014.
24 pages : color illustrations ; 24 x 24 cm.
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Includes index and glossary.Also published by Crabtree Publishing Company, 2014
Anansi the spider : a story from the Ashanti people of Ghana, Africa -- Wenebojo and Buffalo : a story from native North American tribes -- Brer Rabbit : an African-American folk tale -- Hare and Tortoise : one of Aesop's fables from ancient Greece -- Gods and cats : an ancient Chinese story -- Androclus and the lion : a story from ancient Rome -- Turtle and peacock : a folk tale from ancient India -- Mainu the frog : a story from African myth -- Arion and the dolphin : a tale from ancient Greek myth -- White elephant : a story from India.
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