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France : an illustrated miscellany
France : an illustrated miscellany
Tillinac, Denis2014
Prepare to embark on a Tour de France like no other. In this intimate portrait of his homeland, proud patriot and award-winning author Denis Tillinac offers intriguing insight into the making of modern France and what it means to be French. An eclectic selection of entries inspired by some of Frances proudest traditions and most famous exports make for a uniquely personal love letter to a country renowned the world over for its extraordinary culture, history, and landscape. From its rustic fishing villages in Brittany to its glamorous Riviera beaches, and from stunning Alpine vistas to the chic bistros of Paris, Denis Tillinac takes the reader on a journey through this extraordinary country. Along the way, he paints vivid portraits of Frances rich past, including an introduction to Henri IV, the origins of champagne, and the development of the high-speed train (TGV) network. From Saint-Exupery to the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte, and from La Fontaines fables to the early feminist Joan of Arc, this book provides an insiders tour of the Hexagon. Discover the soul of France through its cultural legacy: the UNESCO-protected French gastronomy, the Bayeux Tapestry, zinc bar countertops, the Tour de France, the Seine, Edith Piaf, or the perfect baguette. Photographs of iconic sightsfrom Notre Dame, Monets Water Lilies, and the Place des Vosges to vineyards in Burgundy, a beach on the Riviera, and the chateaux of the Loire Valley make this book the ideal Francophile gift.
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Paris, France : Plon/Flammarion, 2014
249 pages : colour illustrations, colour portraits ; 25 cm.
"This book is an abridged and illustrated edition of the original work published in French by Editions Plon in 2011"--[page 256].Translated from the French by David Radzinowicz
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