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Celestine, drama queen
Celestine, drama queen
Ives, Penny2014
When her big moment in the school play arrives, will Celestine remember her line? This title introduces our confident little duck heroine, Celestine, as she prepares for her big moment in the school play. But when the time comes, poor Celestine is struck by terrible stage fright and forgets her one line (which turns out to be simply, 'The End'!). Undefeated, she improvises with a special dance and is a huge success. Her self-belief is only slightly dented, and in a touching goodnight ending, her mother tells her she'll always be a star to her. Stunning cover finishes give our little duck the star treatment she deserves!
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryJunior Picture BooksIOnloan - Due: 20 Jan 2021
Hampton LibraryJunior Picture BooksIAvailable