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Ophelia, Queen of Denmark
Ophelia, Queen of Denmark
French, Jackie2015
She is the girl who will be queen: Ophelia, daughter of Denmark's lord chancellor and loved by Prince Hamlet. But while Hamlet's family stab, poison or haunt one another, Ophelia plans a sensible rule, one filled with justice and the making of delicious cheeses. Even if she has to pretend to be mad to make it happen, Ophelia will let nothing, not even howling ghosts, stand in her way. This is Shakespeare's play, but with what might also have happened behind the scenes. And this story has a happy ending.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Hampton LibraryTeen FictionT FREAvailable
Sandringham LibraryTeen FictionT FREUnavailable due to Sandringham Library Building Project until the end of 2020. (Set: 14 Jul 2019)