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Oksa Pollock. The last hope
Oksa Pollock. The last hope
Plichota, Anne2014
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A New Heroine. An Old Evil. An Unforgettable Adventure. A thrilling new supernatural adventure series. Fuses the excitement, action and extraordinary worlds of Harry Potter, I Am Number Four and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with an inspirational new teen heroine. Oksa Pollock is a normal thirteen-year-old girl, starting a new life in London. New lives, new friends, a new school and new adventures. But bizarre things start happening around Oksa she finds she can produce fire from her hands, move objects with her mind, and even fly. Finally the truth emerges...her family fled Edefia, their magical, hidden homeland years ago. And more than that: Oksa is their queen...Oksa will be thrown into a wilder adventure than she could ever have imagined. She must triumph over her enemies. The whole of Edefia is counting on her.
Main title:
Oksa Pollock. The last hope / Anne Plichota & Cendrine Wolf ; translated by Sue Rose.
London : Pushkin Children's, 2014.
521 pages ; 20 cm.
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Translated from the French.
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Sandringham LibraryTeen FictionT PLIUnavailable due to Sandringham Library Building Project until early 2021. (Set: 14 Jul 2019)
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