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The surrender experiment : my journey into life's perfection
The surrender experiment : my journey into life's perfection
Singer, Michael A2015
Shares stories from the author's pursuit of enlightenment, from his years as a hippie introvert and successes as a computer engineer through his work in humanitarian efforts, counselling readers on how to navigate confusing aspects in the spiritual journey.
New York : Harmony Books, 2015
252 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Section I Waking Up -- The Premise -- 1.Not with a Shout---But with a Whisper -- 2.Getting to Know Me -- 3.The Pillars of Zen -- 4.Absolute Silence -- 5.From Absolute Peace to Absolute Turmoil -- 6.South of the Border -- 7.Disconnecting the Panic Button -- 8.Unexpected Inspiration -- 9.The Promised Land -- 10.Building a Sacred Hut -- 11.Get Thee to a Monastery -- 12.When the Disciple Is Ready, the Master Appears -- Section II The Great Experiment Begins -- 13.The Experiment of a Lifetime -- 14.Life Takes Charge -- 15.The Prince and the Pauper -- 16.Following the Invisible into the Unknown -- 17.My First Job Interview -- 18.Letting Go of the Rope -- 19.Acceptance, Acceptance, and More Acceptance -- 20.The Most Important Thing I Was Ever Asked to Do -- Section III From Solitude to Service -- 21.The Call of a Living Master -- 22.Shaktipat -- 23.Gainesville Hosts a Guru -- 24.The Temple Is Built -- 25.Opening the Heart Chakra --Contents note continued: 26.Get Thee to an Ashram -- Section IV The Business of Surrender -- 27.A Company Is Born -- 28.The Master Builder -- 29.Community Banking -- 30.The Ever-Expanding Temple of the Universe -- 31.Metamorphosis of a Creature -- Section V Something Priceless Is Born -- 32.From the Personal Self to the Personal Computer -- 33.The Birth of The Medical Manager -- 34.The Early Programmers -- 35.Preparing for Launch -- Section VI The Forces of Natural Growth -- 36.The Foundations of a Successful Business -- 37.The Industry Knocks on Our Door -- 38.The Temple Keeps Growing -- Section VII When Dark Clouds Become Rainbows -- 39.A Touch of Magic -- 40.The Scary Messenger of Change -- 41.The Foundation Is Built for the Future -- 42.Meanwhile---Back at the Ranch -- Section VIII Embracing Explosive Expansion -- 43.The Medical Manager Sprouts Wings -- 44.Medical Manager Corporation---MMGR -- 45.Becoming CEO -- 46.The Internet and Health Care --Contents note continued: 47.Merging---But Not with the Universe -- 48.Building Rome in a Day -- 49.Hanging Out in Washington -- Section IX Total Surrender -- 50.The Raid -- 51.Attorneys, Attorneys, and More Attorneys -- 52.United States of America v. Michael A. Singer -- 53.Preparing a Defense -- 54.The Constitution and the Bill of Rights -- 55.Divine Intervention.
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