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The ice lands
The ice lands
Steinar Bragi2016
Set against Iceland's volcanic hinterlands, four thirty-somethings from Reykjavik - the reckless hedonist Egill; the recovering alcoholic Hrafin; and their partners Anna and Vigdis - embark on an ambitious camping trip, their jeep packed with supplies. Victims of the financial crisis, the purpose of the trip is to heal both professional and personal wounds, but the desolate landscape forces the group to reflect on the shattered lives they've left behind in the city. As their jeep hurtles through the barren land, an impenetrable fog descends, causing them to suddenly crash into a rural farmhouse. Seeking refuge from the storm, the group discover that the isolated dwelling is inhabited by a mysterious elderly couple who inexplicably barricade themselves inside every night. As past tensions within the group rise to the surface, the merciless weather blocks every attempt at escape, forcing them to ask difficult questions: who has been butchering animals near the house? What happened to the abandoned village nearby where bones lie strewn across the ground? And most importantly, will they ever return home?
Main title:
The ice lands / Steinar Bragi ; translated by Lorenza Garcia.
Steinar Bragi, authorGarcia, Lorenza, translator
London : Macmillan, 2016.©2016
vi, 365 pages ; 24 cm.
"They thought they were alone..."--Cover.Translated from the Icelandic.
9781509832064 (paperback)
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Brighton LibraryFiction CrimeSTEIAvailable