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The last boy and girl in the world
The last boy and girl in the world
Vivian, Siobhan2016
Keeley Hewitt's hometown of Aberdeen has always been known for flooding, but after one last terrible storm, the entire town has been told they must evacuate by the end of the summer for good. Most of the Aberdeen residents happily take the generous payout and look forward to starting over someplace new. But Keeley's dad isn't swayed by the overtures of officials or the sheriff's threats. He refuses to evacuate their family, and Keeley becomes the last girl in Aberdeen. As the town empties out, two boys compete for her heart. One is a boy she's had a crush on forever, and the other is one she thinks she could fall in love with. But the water is rising higher and higher, and Keeley is faced with losing everything she's ever known, and the promise of things she's only ever wished for.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Brighton LibraryTeen FictionT VIVAvailable
Hampton LibraryTeen FictionT VIVOnloan - Due: 12 Aug 2021