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Willingly into the fray : one hundred years of Australian Army nursing
Willingly into the fray : one hundred years of Australian Army nursing
McCullagh, Catherine2010
HISTORY OF SPECIFIC SUBJECTS. AUSTRALIAN. Willingly into the Fray comprises the personal stories of sixty-five individual nurses, their voices preserved and their words, often fraught with emotion and mired in distress at what they have seen, endured and railed against, carefully retained. Many of these stories are told for the first time, particularly those of the recent campaigns, peacekeeping operations, disaster relief and humanitarian missions. In the hundred or so years since the first intrepid Boer War nurses set out, Australian Army nurses have forged a proud and enviable reputation. They are justifiably renowned for their determination to provide quality medical care despite extreme privation, perilous circumstances, and a lack of the most rudimentary medical equipment. If this is the reputation they can forge in the face of such adversity, then we have much to look forward to over the next one hundred years.
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Newport, N.S.W. : Big Sky Publishing, 2010.
xxvi, 464 p. : ill., maps, ports. ; 24 cm.
Includes index.Includes bibliographical references and index.
Boar War -- Birth of Australian Army Nursing : Ellen Julia (Nellie) Gould -- Boar War nurse : Martha Sarah Bidmead -- Australia's first nursing casualty : Frances (Fanny) Hines -- World War I -- Gallipoli landing : Lydia Kate King -- Just hoping to make a difference : Grace Wilson -- Nurse of distinction : Evelyn Conyers -- Cairo to Boulogne : Edith Dean Williams -- World War II -- Survival at sea : Ellen Savage -- Leaping Lena : Lorna Laffet -- Off to war on the Queen Mary : Grace Dyer, Dulcie Thompson, Helen Baker -- Nursing sisters of Rabaul : Daisy Keast -- 17 Mile : Joan Crouch -- Three years as a white coolie : Jessie Blanch -- Return to Bangka Island : Judith Spence -- Korean War -- Lamp ladies : Dita McCarthy -- Night nursing in Seoul : Nell Espie -- My Korea : Betty Crocker -- Malayan emergency : What it was all about : Helen Adamson -- Tropical nursing at Kamunting : Nell Espie -- Time at Terendak : Patricia Keech -- Vietnam War -- Starched veils, seamed stockings and respirators : Maureen Patch -- Among the sand dunes at Vung Tau : Nell Espie -- Tidal waves and trauma nursing : Jan McCarthy -- Gulf War -- Sense of comfort : Diana Kumnick, Nick Masotti, Wendy Taylor -- My Kurdistan experience : Karen Bayliss, Graham Wecker -- Cambodia -- Bandits in Battembang : Norma Hinchcliffe, Lew MacLeod -- Face of Cambodia : Anne Blundell -- Somalia -- Challenge that is Somalia : Jo Cook, Dave Werda -- Rwanda -- Out of Africa : Beverley Wright -- Intensive care nusing Rwanda-style : annette owttrim -- Rwanda, gods and ghosts : Lorna Todd -- Surgery with my steyr : Peta Durant, Robyn Wilkin, Rodney Peardon -- 'In the service of peace' : Jo Harding -- Bougainville -- Smiling at the outsiders : Eraine Van Heemst, Cath Fisher -- Bel Isi on Bougainville : Natalie Irvine, Larry Sargeant, Dominic Wade -- Good gut feeling : Nick Duff, Kath Ginman -- Touching the spirit : Julie Finucane -- East Timor -- Behond the Dili Dustbowl : Vickie Smith, Peta durant-Law, Vera Oliver, Sue Newman -- Importance of preparedness : Hilary Dixon -- Recollections of East timor : Kerry Clifford, Jo-anne Hem, Angela Devlin -- Deli Days : Helen Murphy, Linda Rae -- Gulf War II -- Caring despite the circumstances : Gary Steer -- Tears for an unknown soldier : Debra Robilliard -- Reflections : the people and the memories : Kim Sullivan -- Pilgrim nurses : Gary Steer -- Banda Aceh : Unspeakable devastation : Paul Krohn, Kate Almond -- Banda Aceh experience : Elizabeth Christie, Sue Taggart, Kylie Osborn -- Paying homage to the goddess of mercy : Vera Oliver.
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