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Krav Maga tactical survival : personal safety in action
Krav Maga tactical survival : personal safety in action
Keren, Gershon Ben, 1972-2017
Main title:
Krav Maga tactical survival : personal safety in action / Gershon Ben Keren ; foreword by Miki Asulin ; photography by Colin O'Reilly.
North Clarendon, VT : Tuttle Publishing, 2017.
224 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 23 cm.
"Proven solutions for real life situations" -- cover
Machine generated contents note: pt. I Striking -- Upper-Body Combatives -- Thumb Strikes to Eyes -- Palm-Heels to Nose -- Cradle-Strike to Throat -- The Initial Strike as a Range/Distance Finder -- Hammer-Fists -- Hook Punches and Slicing/Circular Elbow Strikes -- Defending Against Punches with a Punch -- Other Attacking Tools -- Biting -- Head-Butts -- Lower-Body Combatives -- Front Kick with Glisha -- pt. II Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense Scenarios -- De-escalation -- How People Interpret the World When Angry -- Engaging the "Reasoning Brain" -- Warning Signs -- Front Kick with Glisha from De-escalation Stance -- pt. III Armed Assaults -- Spoiling Weapon Draws -- Signs That Someone Is Carrying a Weapon -- Spoiling the Draw at a Distance -- Dealing with Weapon Draws Within Arm's Reach (Front Carry) -- Spoiling the Draw of Knives and Blades -- Spoiling the Draw of Firearms -- Disengagement as Part of Spoiling the Draw -- Gun and Knife Threats --Contents note continued: Disengagement as a Strategy Against Weapon Threats -- Short-Barreled Weapons---Pointed at Front of Head -- Control of the Assailant as a Strategy Against Weapon Threats -- Combative Approaches as a Strategy Against Weapon Threats -- Rear Hostage/Abduction Knife Threats---with Arms Pinned -- Rear Hostage/Abduction Knife Threats---with Wrist Held -- Rear Hostage/Abduction Knife Threat---with Arm Held Behind Back -- What to Do If You Are Being Abducted by an Unarmed Assailant -- Gun to Back of Head When Pushed Against Wall/Car/Door -- Gun Threat When Seated -- Knife Attacks -- Adjusting Your Stance When Dealing with a Knife Attack -- Knife Shank to the Opposite Side -- Blocks as Attacks -- Knife Shank While Seated -- Troubleshooting the Knife Shank -- Ice-Pick Attack -- Reverse Slash---Swaying -- Armed Assaults---Conclusion -- pt. IV Unarmed Assaults -- Clothing Grabs -- Lapel Grab---Combative Approach -- Lapel Grab---Thumb Lock --Contents note continued: Double-Handed Lapel Grab -- Lapel Grab---Wrist Lock -- Rear Naked Choke---Applying and Defending Against -- Rear Naked Choke Application -- Rear Naked Choke Prevention -- Rear Naked Choke Escape -- Rear Tackle and Rear Bear Hugs -- Rear Tackle -- Rear Bear Hug---Turning Away -- Rear Bear Hug---Arms Free -- Rear Bear Hug---Arms Trapped -- Universal Rear Bear Hug Solution---Arms Trapped and Arms Free -- Rear Bear Hug with Lift---Arms Trapped and Arms Free -- Unarmed Assaults---Conclusion -- pt. V Throws and Pick-Ups -- Preemptive Throwing---Major Outer Reap -- Two-Handed Pick-Up/Reap -- Throws Against Armed Assailants -- Sacrifice Throws.
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