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Levi's war
Levi's war
Thomas, Julie, 1959-2018
This novel traces the story of the eldest Horowitz son, Levi, who is smuggled out of Berlin to London the day after the Kristallnacht in 1938, where he makes the momentous decision to be parachuted back behind enemy lines where his musical skills see him playing the piano for Hitler before he escapes to Italy to join the Partisans, culminating in the vital role he plays in saving the Jews of Assisi. What family Levi Horowitz has left after the Holocaust assume that their silent observer spent WW2 interred in a camp for 'foreign aliens' on the Isle of Man and that his experience was so different from Simon's in Dachau, that shame kept him quiet. These assumptions could not be further from the truth. Enraged by what he sees The Third Reich doing to his homeland, Levi volunteers for a program that uses his language skills and his musical ability but demands tremendous courage. He is parachuted into Germany in late 1940 and becomes a trusted confidant to the Fuhrur and top Nazi officials. Risking his life every day, he sends coded messages back to his English spy masters. Life and his darkest secret intervene and he is forced to flee to Italy. There he joins a brigade of Partisans in the mountains before making his way south to become a lynch-pin in one of the most incredible true stories of the Second World War. This comes as a complete surprise to his surviving family, as does the way the British government want to honour him.
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Levi's war / Julie Thomas.
Auckland : HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand, 2018.©2018
310 pages ; 24 cm
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9781775540922 (paperback)
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