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Death notice
Death notice
Zhou, Haohui, 1977-2018
Online, a vigilante announces their intention of meting out justice for unpunished crimes. Users are invited to submit names for judgement. Those found guilty will be sentenced. And there is just one punishment: death. Despite publishing the name of each victim and the date of execution - their death notice - the police are simply unable to stop the killer. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) is assembled, comprising a criminal psychologist, a SWAT captain, an Online Surveillance Officer and Detective Luo Fei. As they pursue the killer, the SIT will be drawn ever deeper into dark and dangerous territory. What is the connection to a highly classified eighteen-year-old case that saw two similar 'death notice' murders? What is Detective Luo's personal connection to that case? And finally, what crimes might the members of the SIT guilty of? And what will they do to keep them secret?
Main title:
Death notice / Zhou Haohui ; translated from the Chinese by Zac Haluza.
Zhou, Haohui, 1977-, authorHaluza, Zac, translator
London : Head of Zeus, 2018.©2018.
301 pages ; 24 cm.
Series title:
Originally published in China as Si wang tong zhi dan: a bei zhe by Beijing Times Chinese Press, in 2014.Translated from Chinese.
9781786699411 (paperback)
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