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Molecules : the elements and the architecture of everything

Gray, Theodore W.2018
"In Molecules, Theodore Gray takes the next step in his epic story of the periodic table that began with his bestselling book, The Elements, and reached its finale with Reactions. Fascinating stories, beautiful photographs, and diagrams of compounds and their chemical bonds capture molecules in their various states and as they appear in our daily life - from oil and water, to soaps and solvents, to ropes and fibers, and more."
Main title:
Molecules : the elements and the architecture of everything / Theodore Gray ; photographs by Nick Mann.
New York, New York : Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 2018.
240 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm.
First published: October 2014.Includes index.
A house built of elements : atoms, molecules, and the infinite connections of chemistry -- The power of names: the right name makes all the difference -- Dead or alive : living or nonliving, rock or wool, what is organic? -- Oil and water : soap brings together ancient enemies -- Mineral and vegetable : the two wolds of sticky, oily, pasty things -- Rock and ore : rocks, minerals, and the source of all compounds -- Rope and fiber : yes, ropes really are made of long, thin molecules -- Pain and pleasure : a family tree of painkillers and their cousins -- Sweet and double sweet : sugar and all the tasty things that are not sugar -- Natural and artificial : who does a better job us or Mother Nature? -- Rose and skunk: some molecules smell really good, and some really don't -- Color me chemical : beautiful palette of molecules -- I hate that molecule: poor innocent compounds caught up in politics -- Machines of life: when is a molecule not a molecule?
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