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Generation robot : a century of science fiction, fact, and speculation
Generation robot : a century of science fiction, fact, and speculation
Favro, Terri2018
Generation Robot covers a century of science fiction, fact and, speculation--from the 1950 publication of Isaac Asimov's seminal robot masterpiece, I, Robot, to the 2050 Singularity when artificial and human intelligence are predicted to merge. Beginning with a childhood informed by pop-culture robots in movies, in comic books, and on TV in the 1960s to adulthood where the possibilities of self-driving cars and virtual reality are daily conversation, Terri Favro offers a unique perspective on how our relationship with robotics and futuristic technologies has shifted over time. Peppered with pop-culture fun-facts about Superman's kryptonite, the human-machine relationships in the cult TV show Firefly, and the sexual and moral implications of the film Ex Machina, Generation Robot explores how the techno-triumphs and resulting anxieties of reality bleed into the fantasies of our collective culture. Clever and accessible, Generation Robot isn't just for the serious, scientific reader--it's for everyone interested in robotics and technology since their science-fiction origins. By looking back at the future she once imagined, analyzing the plugged-in present, and speculating on what is on the horizon, Terri Favro allows readers the chance to consider what was, what is, and what could be. This is a captivating book that looks at the pop-culture of our society to explain how the world works--now and tomorrow.
New York : Skyhorse publishing, 2018
xx, 231 pages ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 211-231)
Machine generated contents note: ch. 1 Isaac's Kids (1950) -- ch. 2 Monolith (1968) -- ch. 3 A Tramp in the AI Winter (1985) -- ch. 4 Fun and Games with Thinking Machines (2018) -- ch. 5 Hitching A Ride In A Driverless Car (2025) -- ch. 6 Waking Up the House (2030) -- ch. 7 The Good Robot (2040) -- ch. 8 Sex and the Singularity (2050).
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