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Lawley, Brendan2018
"As soon as I finish school I'll have the car packed. I'll thunder past the dull cardboard boxes that Banarang calls shops, I'll skim over the Bridge Street potholes without feeling a bump and I?ll fly up the freeway, bound for the city and civilisation." Bones Carter is done with Banarang and his backwater existence. There?s not much to do but hang out with his friends, make bad rap music and count down the days until the end of school and the beginning of his new life in the city. Then Naya comes to town. Brilliant, black and beautiful, she wants to change the world. She thinks Bones is a well of untapped potential. Bones thinks she?s delusional, but she makes him feel more hopeful than he has in a long time.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Brighton LibraryTeen FictionT LAWOnloan - Due: 01 Dec 2020