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Can you die of a broken heart? : a heart surgeon's insight into what makes us tick
Can you die of a broken heart? : a heart surgeon's insight into what makes us tick
Stamp, Nikki2018
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In the vein of Gut and The Brain That Changes Itself, a gripping exploration into the inner workings of the heart and how emotions and lifestyle affect every beat. When actress Debbie Reynolds died a day after her beloved daughter, Carrie Fisher, the world diagnosed it as 'heartbreak'. But what's the evidence? Does emotional upheaval affect the heart? Can love, or chocolate, really heal our heart problems? And why do we know so much about heart attacks in men, when they are more fatal in women? Heart and lung surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp takes us into the operating theatre, explaining what she sees in patients with heart complications and how a life-saving transplant works. Stamp fell in the love with the heart as a child and continues to be fascinated by its workings and the whole-of-life experiences that affect it. Rich with anecdotes, and insights for maintaining heart health, Can You Die of a Broken Heart? is a blockbuster from a uniquely positioned young specialist.
Crows Nest, New South Wales : Murdoch Books Australia, 2018.
223 pages ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Introduction: What is it about the heart? -- 1. Can you die of a broken heart? -- 2. Stressed-out hearts -- 3. 'New' hearts: transplants and mechanical hearts -- 4. The medical mysteries of a woman's heart -- 5. Can love heal? -- 6. Feeding your heart -- 7. Exercise: getting that heart pumping -- 8. Red wine, dark chocolate and superfoods -- 9. Depression: can a heart be blue? -- 10. Sleepy hearts -- 11. Family affairs of the heart -- 12. How to talk about your heart -- 13. The heart's journey: where we've come from and where we are going.
Dr Nikki Stamp is one of only a handful of female heart and lung surgeons in Australia. She holds a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in cardiothoracic surgery and trained at some of the country's busiest hospitals. Dr Stamp has a strong desire to change the way we think about health.
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