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Gua Sha scraping massage techniques : a natural way of prevention and treatment through traditional chinese medicine
Gua Sha scraping massage techniques : a natural way of prevention and treatment through traditional chinese medicine
Wu, Zhongchao2018
Gua Sha is a natural therapy for expelling toxin and preventing diseases. A simple scraping plate coupled with scraping oil, when applied to the body repeatedly, can reach the effect of smoothing Qi and blood, stimulating main and collateral channels, expelling toxin, and alleviating pain.
New York : Better Link Press, 2018.
264 pages : colour illustrations ; 27 cm.
Includes index.
Machine generated contents note: ch. One Read Your Body's Needs to Expel Toxin -- 1.Eight Indications of Body Toxin -- Constipation: Intestinal Toxin Expansion -- Freckles and Spots: Energy and Blood Imbalance -- Bad Breath: Heat Accumulation in Internal Organs -- Dull Skin: Toxin Accumulation in Lungs -- Acne: Damp-Heat Escalation in the Body -- Obesity: Excessive Fat Accumulation -- Joint Pain: Cold-Damp Intrusion -- Excessive Blood Fat: Debris in Blood -- 2.Sources of Body Toxin -- Accumulation of Metabolites within the Body -- Main and Collateral Channels Intruded by Toxin -- Unhealthy Diet and Medicine -- ch. Two Gua Sha Is a Simple and Effective Way of Expelling Toxin -- 1.What is Sha? -- Sha is Toxin -- The Location of Sha Reflects the Nature of the Disease -- The Appearance of Sha Reflects the Severity of the Disease -- Gua Sha Serves to Expel Toxin -- 2.Scraping Locations -- Acupoints -- Reflection Areas -- Projection Areas -- Corresponding Areas -- 3.Scraping Tools --Contents note continued: 4.Steps and Methods of Gua Sha -- Choose an Appropriate Place -- Choose a Comfortable Body Position -- Choose Locations on the Body -- Methods of Gua Sha -- 5.Different Gua Sha Methods for Different Parts of the Body -- The Head -- The Face -- The Back -- The Chest -- The Waist -- Four Limbs -- 6.Expelling Toxin of Internal Organs through Gua Sha -- Scraping Methods for Expelling Toxin in the Heart and the Small Intestine -- Scraping Methods for Expelling Toxin in the Lungs and the Large Intestine -- Scraping Methods for Expelling Toxin in the Liver and the Gallbladder -- Scraping Methods for Expelling Toxin in the Spleen and the Stomach -- Scraping Methods for Expelling Toxin in the Kidney and the Bladder -- 7.Diagnostic Principles of Gua Sha -- 8.Various Benefits of Gua Sha -- 9.Attentions Regarding Gua Sha -- ch. Three Use Gua Sha to Solve Daily Ailments -- 1.Cold -- 2.Cough -- 3.Fever -- 4.Swollen Sore Throat -- 5.Hypochondriac Pain --Contents note continued: 6.Palpitation and Short Breath -- 7.Dizziness -- 8.Tinnitus -- 9.Headache -- 10.Toothache -- 11.Bad Breath -- 12.Lack of Appetite -- 13.Heat Stroke -- 14.Indigestion -- 15.Hiccup -- 16.Gastrospasm -- 17.Abdominal Distension -- 18.Diarrhea -- 19.Constipation -- 20.Flabby Skin -- 21.Fatigue -- 22.Forgetfulness -- 23.Agitation -- 24.Stiff Neck -- 25.Insomnia -- 26.Acute Conjunctivitis -- 27.Dry Eyes and Eye Strain -- 28.Acne -- 29.Dark Circles -- 30.Puffiness of the Eye Socket -- 31.Chloasma -- 32.Freckles -- 33.Dry Skin -- 34.Dull Complexion -- 35.Skin Itch -- 36.Eczema -- 37.Chilblain -- 38.Cold Hands and Feet -- 39.Neurodermitis -- 40.Urticaria -- 41.Shingles -- 42.Flat Warts -- 43.Facioplegia -- 44.Premature Gray Hair -- 45.Hair Loss -- 46.Aching and Stiff Shoulders and Neck -- 47.Back Waist Pain -- 48.Lower Limb Ache -- ch. Four Use Gua Sha to Detoxify Internal Organs to Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases -- 1.Hypertension -- 2.Obesity -- 3.Diabetes --Contents note continued: 4.Coronary Heart Disease -- 5.Rheumatic Heart Disease -- 6.Hyperlipemia -- 7.Sequela of Apoplexy -- 8.Chronic Bronchitis -- 9.Chronic Rhinitis -- 10.Allergic Rhinitis -- 11.Presbyopia -- 12.Chronic Pharyngitis -- 13.Chronic Pneumonia -- 14.Asthma -- 15.Chronic Hepatitis -- 16.Fatty Liver -- 17.Chronic Cholecystitis and Cholelithiasis -- 18.Chronic Gastritis -- 19.Chronic Enteritidis -- 20.Peptic Ulcer -- 21.Urinary Incontinence -- 22.Urine Retention -- 23.Chronic Nephritis -- 24.Urinary Calculus -- 25.Gout -- 26.Anaemia -- 27.Hemorrhoids -- ch. Five Use Gua Sha to Expel Wind-Damp and Cold Toxin to Get Rid of Joint Problems -- 1.Cervical Spondylosis -- 2.Scapulohumeral Periarthritis -- 3.Rheumatic Arthritis -- 4.Elbow Joint Pain -- 5.Wrist Pain -- 6.Ankle Joint Pain -- 7.Knee Joint Pain -- 8.Heel Pain -- 9.Lumbar Disc Protrusion -- 10.Lumbar Hyperosteogeny -- 11.Ankylosing Spondylitis -- ch. Six Use Gua Sha to Expel Male and Female Diseases --Contents note continued: 1.Premature Ejaculation -- 2.Impotence -- 3.Spermatorrhea -- 4.Prostatitis -- 5.Hyperplasia of Prostate Gland -- 6.Male Infertility -- 7.Female Infertility -- 8.Irregular Menstruation -- 9.Dysmenorrhea -- 10.Amenorrhoea -- 11.Abnormal Leukorrhea -- 12.Uterine Prolapse -- 13.Uterine Fibroid -- 14.Chronic Pelvic Inflammation -- 15.Acute Mastitis -- 16.Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands -- 17.Female's Climacteric Syndrome.
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