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Get going with Amazon Echo and Alexa in easy steps
Get going with Amazon Echo and Alexa in easy steps
Vandome, Nick2018
The days of only being able to search for items on computers using text searches are long gone: voice search is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to find content on computing devices and the web. One of the leaders in this area is the Amazon Echo: a high-quality speaker which uses Alexa: (a voice-controlled digital personal assistant) to perform a range of tasks: from playing music and making calls to smartphones, to answering questions and even controlling compatible devices in the home, such as turning on the heating. Although the Echo is an Amazon device, it can be accessed from most smartphones and tablets, using the Alexa app and an Amazon Account.
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire : In Easy Steps, 2018
104 pages : colour illustrations ; 15 cm.
"A quick guide for newbies!" -- cover
Machine generated contents note: 1.About Echo and Alexa -- About Amazon Echo -- Models of Echo -- Setting Up Amazon Echo -- Changing the Wake Word -- Changing Alexa's Accent -- Setting Your Location -- Around Alexa's Home -- 2.Asking Alexa -- Getting Started with Alexa -- Asking Alexa's Opinion -- Viewing Details from the App -- Keeping Up with the News -- Editing the Flash Briefing -- Receiving Sports Updates -- Beating the Traffic -- Settings for Alexa -- 3.Alexa Skills -- About Skills -- Viewing Your Skills -- Adding Skills -- Using Skills -- Linking Skills -- Some Skills to Try -- 4.Getting Organized -- Starting with Lists -- Linking List Accounts -- Adding Items to Lists -- Adding a Calendar -- Using Calendars -- Creating Routines -- 5.Voice Calls and Messages -- Setting Up Voice Calling -- Adding Contacts to Alexa -- Calling from Alexa -- Calling to Alexa -- Messaging from Alexa -- Messaging to Alexa -- 6.Music -- Music Options -- Buying Music from Amazon --Contents note continued: Playing Amazon Music -- Amazon Music Unlimited -- Amazon Prime Music -- Subscribing Through Alexa -- Listening to the Radio -- Pairing Bluetooth Speakers -- Managing Bluetooth Devices -- 7.Shopping -- Setting Up Voice Purchasing -- Payment Options -- Using Voice Purchasing -- 8.Using Echo in the Home -- Drop In -- About the Smart Home -- Adding Smart Home Skills -- Adding Smart Home Gadgets -- About Smart Lighting -- Setting Up Smart Lighting -- Using Smart Lighting -- About Smart Heating -- About Smart Security -- About Smart Plugs -- 9.Troubleshooting -- Asking Alexa for Help -- Using Help & Feedback -- Connection Issues.
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