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Deal with the devil
Deal with the devil
Tobin, Grace2018
What Mark and Faye Leveson have endured to discover the truth about the mysterious death of their son Matt is unfathomable. For the ten years after Matt's disappearance in September 2007, they tirelessly searched bushland for his body and doggedly pursued the man they believed responsible, Michael Atkins. Matt's older boyfriend always denied involvement with their son's disappearance, despite the compelling evidence stacked against him. Atkins was, in fact, a serial liar. But to expose his deceit and achieve their main objective, to find Matt's body, the Levesons agreed in late 2016 to make a deal with the devil. In an unprecedented move, Atkins received immunity from prosecution in exchange for revealing where he had buried Matt. Atkins, however, claimed that Matt had died of a drug overdose and wasn't murdered. Deal with the Devil is the story of the Leveson family from the journalist who was closest to them throughout the four-year police reinvestigation of Matt's case. This is a firsthand account of the Levesons' ordeal, from their harrowing decision to grant Atkins immunity to the extraordinary search for Matt's body in Sydney's Royal National Park. There is also an unnerving insight into Atkins' past, as well as exclusive interviews with his ex-boyfriends, lovers and former friends. But, above all, what emerges is a portrait of a loving family, and of two parents bound by their public quest to achieve justice for their son.
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Deal with the devil / Grace Tobin.
North Sydney, N.S.W. : Penguin Random House Australia, 2018.
321 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : colour illustrations, map, colour portraits, plates ; 24 cm.
First published by Ebury Press in 2018.
Map -- Prologue -- Part 1 - The Disappearance -- 1. One last day -- 2. Meet the Levesons -- 3. 'Please don't hate me' -- 4. The beginning -- 5. "Where's Marry?' -- 6 Not again -- 7. How old is he? -- 8. The missing person report -- 9. A good Catholic boy -- 10. Sensei Atkins -- 11. Young love -- 12. Sex in Newcastle -- 13. Strike Force Bowditch -- 14. On his tail -- 15. 'I want to tell you, but I'm scared' -- 16. The drug den -- 17. Right to silence -- 18. 'We're looking for a body' -- 19. Off the case -- Part II - Gotcha -- 20. Digging for Matt -- 21. Closing in -- 22. The arrest -- 23. The trial of Michael Atkins -- 24. What the jury didn't know -- 25. Sex, lies and reasonable doubt -- 26. A free man -- Part III - Unprecedented Territory -- 27. Detective Chief Inspector Jubelin -- 28. 'Pool part for orn stars' -- 29. Going undercover -- 30. Funeral envy -- 31. Tick, tick, tick -- 32. The inquest -- 33. The first deal -- 34. Lies, ridiculous lies -- 35. The second deal -- 36. The confession -- 37. The chase -- 38. Searching for Matt -- 39. Mannequins, hypnotists and the gaps -- 40. Finding Matt -- 41. A bitter pill -- 42. The Coroner's findings -- 43. The funeral -- Acknowledgements.
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