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Three bullets

Ellory, Roger Jon2019
It was the shot heard around the world... But what if it missed? On 22nd November 1963, John F. Kennedy's presidential motorcade rode through Dealey Plaza. He and his wife, Jackie, greeted the crowds on a glorious Friday afternoon in Dallas, Texas. Mitch Newman is a photojournalist based out of Washington, DC. His phone never rings. When it does, a voice he hasn't heard in years will tell him his former fiancee Jean has taken her own life. Jean was an investigative reporter working the case of a lifetime. Somewhere in the shreds of her investigation is the truth behind her murder. For Mitch, piecing together the clues will become a dangerous obsession: one that will lead him to the dark heart of his country - and into the crossfire of a conspiracy.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryAdult Fiction - CrimeELLOAvailable
Brighton LibraryAdult Fiction - CrimeELLOOnloan - Due: 14 Dec 2023
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