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The coddling of the American mind : how good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure
The coddling of the American mind : how good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure
Lukianoff, Greg2018
Your feelings are always right. You should avoid pain and discomfort. You should look for faults in others and not yourself. These three Great Untruths are part of a larger philosophy that sees young people as fragile creatures who must be protected and supervised by adults, resulting in a culture of safety that began on American college campuses and is spreading throughout academic institutions in the English-speaking world. In this book, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt and free speech campaigner Greg Lukianoff argue that increasing intolerance of opposing viewpoints is contributing to rising rates of depression and anxiety among young people and leaving many students unprepared for adult life, with devastating consequences for them, for their parents, for the companies that will soon hire them, and for democracies that are increasingly pushed to the brink of violence over growing political divisions. In tracing the origins of this phenomenon, Haidt and Lukianoff offer a comprehensive set of reforms that will strengthen both individuals and institutions, allowing us all to reap the benefits of diversity, including viewpoint diversity.
[London] : Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Books, 2018.New York, USA : Penguin Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House, 2018.
338 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Machine generated contents note: pt. I Three Bad Ideas -- ch. 1 The Untruth of Fragility: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Weaker -- ch. 2 The Untruth of Emotional Reasoning: Always Trust Your Feelings -- ch. 3 The Untruth of Us Versus Them: Life Is a Battle Between Good People and Evil People -- pt. II Bad Ideas in Action -- ch. 4 Intimidation and Violence -- ch. 5 Witch Hunts -- pt. III How Did We Get Here? -- ch. 6 The Polarization Cycle -- ch. 7 Anxiety and Depression -- ch. 8 Paranoid Parenting -- ch. 9 The Decline of Play -- ch. 10 The Bureaucracy of Safetyism -- ch. 11 The Quest for Justice -- pt. IV Wising Up -- ch. 12 Wiser Kids -- ch. 13 Wiser Universities.
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