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The big book of Australian history
The big book of Australian history
Macinnis, Peter2019
Australia's history began when a landmass called Gondwana broke up. The new island continent had dinosaurs, birds, and some mammals that would become the kangaroos, platypuses, wombats and possums of today. The continent also had strange plants, insects, spiders, lizards and snakes, but there were no humans, not until about 50,000 years ago, when the first Aboriginal people arrived. Australia's history changed when these new arrivals began shaping the land. They settled in and grew used to the land. The land became used to them, as well. In the 1600s, strangers came visiting and drawing maps. They returned to their home countries and told others about the places that they had explored. In 1788, some of the strangers came back to live in Australia, and our history changed again. The history of this country has always been shaped by the land. The early European settlers struggled to understand the land, but they learned how to survive in the end. Then people started finding gold and more visitors rushed to Australia from many parts of the world. Before long Australia's colonies joined together to become a nation. The new nation looked outward, sending troops off to fight in wars. At home, other Australians worked to make Australia worth coming home to. In peacetime, Australians contributed ideas, knowledge and skills to the world. Australia became a nation to be proud of, and the story of how that happened is our history.
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Revised fourth edition.
Canberra, ACT : NLA Publishing, 2019.
292 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour), colour maps, portraits (some colour) ; 30 cm.
"Notable Book. The Children's Book Council of Australia" -- cover.First published 2013.Includes index.
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