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The illustrated encyclopaedia of dangerous animals
The illustrated encyclopaedia of dangerous animals
Bayly, Sami2020
Dangerous animals get a bad rap, but this book helps us appreciate the incredible features of some of our more hair-raising animal species.With more than sixty of the most deadly and dangerous animals from across the world to explore, every page of this beautifully illustrated volume is more eye-opening than the last. You will learn interesting facts about these fascinating species, (many of which you won't have even known were deadly) such as how they have adapted to survive and whether we should be threatened by these animals or appreciate them for their incredible features. Children and adults alike will pore over the breathtaking scientific illustrations of unusual animals from the geography cone snail to the wolverine, the Irukandji jellyfish to the slow loris, debating their relative dangerous features, learning about science and nature along the way.
Sydney, NSW : Lothian Children's Book / Hachette Australia, 2020.
126 pages : colour illustrations ; 30 cm.
97807344200159780734420015 (hbk)
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