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Mostly guilty : a low-flying barrister's working life

Challinger, Michael, 1949-2021
Mostly Guilty deals with the workings of the lowest level of the Australian legal system. It's about the down-to-earth cases that happen daily in Magistrates' Courts. It does so through the experiences and anecdotes of a low-flying criminal barrister. While the cases are from Victoria, the book makes reference to other states and has relevance and interest Australia-wide. The style is light, punchy and informal, with lots of direct speech and many funny yarns. Some of the book is tongue-in-cheek (and even politically incorrect) but it also makes serious points throughout. It's the opposite of stodgy and is written for the general reader, more than for lawyers.
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Sandringham LibrarySociety and Beliefs340.092 CHAAvailable
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