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The kingdom [Paperback]

The kingdom [Paperback]
NesbøJo, 1960-

When Roy and Carl's parents die suddenly, sixteen-year-old Roy is left as protector to his impulsive younger brother. But when Carl decides to travel the world in search of his fortune, Roy stays behind in their sleepy village, satisfied with his peaceful life as a mechanic.


To cook a bear

To cook a bear
NiemiMikael, 1959-

This is a story of revivalist preacher Lars Levi Laestadius and the young Sami boy he saves from a ditch and cares for. It is the summer of 1852 in the Kengis village of Sweden's far north, and Jussi - as the boy is called - has fled from a cruel home plagued by abuse, starvation, and ...


The only child

The only child
Sŏ, Mi-ae

Criminal psychologist Seonkyeong receives an unexpected call one day. Yi Byeongdo, a serial killer whose gruesome murders shook the world, wants to be interviewed. Seonkyeong agrees out of curiosity.



The godmother

The godmother [France]
CayreHannelore, 1963-

Meet Patience Portefeux, fifty-three, an underpaid French-Arabic translator who specialises in police phone taps. Widowed after the sudden death of her husband, Patience is wedged between the costs of raising her daughters and the nursing home fees for her ageing mother. 


The Island

The Island [Iceland]
Jónasson,Ragnar, 1976-Hidden Iceland ; 2

Autumn of 1987 takes a young couple on a romantic trip in the Westfjords holiday — a trip that gets an unexpected ending and has catastrophic consequences. Ten years later a small group of friends go for a weekend in an old hunting lodge in Elliðaey.


The shadow

The shadow [Germany]
RaabeMelanie, 1981-

'On February 11 you will kill a man called Arthur Grimm. Of your own free will. And for a good reason.' Norah has just moved from Berlin to Vienna in order to leave her old life behind her for good when a homeless woman spits these words at her.


The other end of the line

The other end of the line [Italy]
CamilleriAndreaInspector Montalbano ; 24.

In Inspector Montalbano's coastal town of Vigata, migrants have been surging in by boat, and all the town's hands are on deck to help the arrivals.


I will miss you tomorrow

I will miss you tomorrow [Norway]
BakkeidHeine T., 1974-Thorkild Aske mystery ; 1

"Fresh out of prison and a stint in a psychiatric hospital, disgraced ex-policeman Thorkild Aske only wants to lose himself in drugged dreams of his beloved Frei. Wild, unknowable Frei. The woman he loved. The woman he has lost forever.


The gilded cage

The gilded cage [Sweden]
LackbergCamilla, 1974-

All that glitters... People would kill to have Faye Adelheim's life. She lives in an ultra-swanky apartment in the most exclusive area of Stockholm, she has a gorgeous husband who gives her everything she's ever wanted, and she has an adorable daughter who lights up her world.


Winter grave

Winter grave
TurstenHelene, 1954-Embla Nyström investigations ; 2

Two young kids are missing. A police officer is found dead. Detective Inspector Embla Nyström must quickly solve the mystery and find the children before the small town takes matters into their own hands.


The Aosawa murders

The Aosawa murders
OndaRiku, 1964-

"In the 1960s 17 people die of cyanide poisoning at a large party at the Aosawas, owners of a prominent clinic in an ancient castle city on the coast of the Sea of Japan. 


Seven years of darkness

Seven years of darkness
Chŏng, Yu-jŏng, 1966-
A young girl is found dead in Seryong Lake, a reservoir in a remote South Korean village. The police immediately begin their investigation.