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Homeland calling

Homeland calling

Words from a New Generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voices.


Top end girl

Top end girl

Ever since I was thirteen years old, all I wanted to do was perform. It was an unusual dream for a kid from the Northern Territory to have ... what I wanted for my life was a world away from what people knew and loved about the TopEnd .



NeervenEllen van, 1990-UQP Poetry Series

Throat is the explosive second poetry collection from award-winning Mununjali Yugambeh writer EllenvanNeerven. Exploring love, language and land, vanNeerven flexes their distinctive muscles and shines a light on Australia's unreconciled past and precarious present with humour and heart.



"Benevolence" is told from the perspective of Darug woman, Muraging (Mary James), born around 1813. Mary's was one of the earliest Darug generations to experience the impact of British colonisation. At an early age Muraging is given over to the Parramatta Native School by her Darug father.


The white girl

The white girl
BirchTony, 1957-

This novel explores the lengths we will go to in order to save the people we love. Odette Brown has lived her whole life on the fringes of a small country town. After her daughter disappeared and left her with her granddaughter Sissy to raise on her own, Odette has managed to stay under the radar of the welfare authorities who are removing fair-skinned Aboriginal children from their families. 


Too much lip

Too much lip
LucashenkoMelissa, 1967-

Wise-cracking Kerry Salter has spent a lifetime avoiding two things - her hometown and prison. But now her Pop is dying and she's an inch away from the lockup, so she takes a Harley and heads south to Durrongo. Kerry's plan is to spend twenty-four hours, tops, over the border. 


Song spirals : sharing women's wisdom of Country through songlines

Song spirals : sharing women's wisdom of Country through songlines
Gay'Wu Group of Women

'We want you to come with us on our journey, our journey of songspirals. Songspirals are the essence of people in this land, the essence of every clan. We belong to the land and it belongs to us. We sing to the land, sing about the land. We are that land. It sings to us.' 


Fire country : how indigenous fire management could help save Australia

Fire country : how indigenous fire management could help save Australia
Steffensen, Victor

Victor's story is a cry from the heart for change in howAustralia cares for country.


The yield

The yield
WinchTara June

Theyield in English is the reaping, the things that man can take from the land. In the language of the Wiradjuri yield is the things you give to, the movement, the space between things: baayanha. Knowing that he will soon die, Albert 'Poppy' Gondiwindi takes pen to paper.


The drover's wife : the legend of Molly Johnson

The drover's wife : the legend of Molly Johnson
Purcell, Leah, 1970-

Leah Purcell's play caused a sensation on performance and won the NSW Premier's Prize Book ofthe Year and now she is expanding that play and a film script to write a novel that while still 'Tarantino meets Deadwood' is also so much more.


Salt : selected stories and essays

Salt : selected stories and essays
Pascoe, Bruce, 1947-

A collection of storiesandessays by the award-winning author of Dark Emu, showcasing his shimmering genius across a lifetime of work. This volume of Bruce Pascoe's best and most celebrated storiesandessays, collected here for the first time, traverses his long career and explores enduring fascination with Australia's landscape, culture and history.


Tell me why : the story of my life and my music

Tell me why : the story of my life and my music
Roach, Archie, 1955-

A powerful memoir of a true Australian legend: stolen child, musical and lyrical genius, and leader. No one has lived as many lives as Archie Roach - stolen child, seeker, teenage alcoholic, lover, father, musical and lyrical genius, and leader.


The old lie

The old lie
ColemanClaire G.

Shane Daniels and Romany Zetz have been drawn into a war that is not their own. Lives will be destroyed, families will be torn apart. Trust will be broken. When the war is over, some will return to a changed world. Will they discover that glory is a lie? 


Australia day

Australia day

As uncomfortable as it is, we need to reckon with our history. On January 26, no Australian can really look away. There are the hard questions we ask of ourselves on AustraliaDay.


Jack Charles : born-again blakfella

Jack Charles : born-again blakfella
CharlesJack, 1943-
Stolen from his mother and placed into institutional care when he was only a few months old, Uncle Jack was raised under the government's White Australia Policy.