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The motion of the body through space

The motion of the body through space
Shriver, Lionel

Allergic to group activities of any kind, all her life Serenata has run, swum, and cycled -- on her lonesome. But now that she's hit 60, all that physical activity has destroyed her knees. As she contemplates surgery with dread, her previously sedentary husband Remington, recently and ignominiously redundant, chooses this precise moment to discover exercise. Which should be good for his health, right?


Maggsie McNaughton's second chance

Maggsie McNaughton's second chance
Maynard, Frances

Small and dyslexic, with a short fuse, bad teeth, a prison record and something to prove, Marguerite McNaughton Maggsie doesn't need anybody or anything, thank you very much. She's more than capable of looking after herself.


The extra man [electronic resource]

The extra man [eBook]

Meet Louis Ives: well-groomed, romantic, and as captivating as an F. Scott Fitzgerald hero. Only this hero has a penchant for ladies? clothes, and he?s just lost his teaching job after an unfortunate incident involving a colleague?s brassiere.


Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
Honeyman, Gail

EleanorOliphant has learned how to survive, but not how to live EleanorOliphant leads a simple life. She wears the same clothes to work every day, eats the same meal deal for lunch every day and buys the same two bottles of vodka to drink every weekend. 


Live and let fry

Live and let fry
Williams, Sue I.Cass Tuplin ; 3

Feisty, forty-something and fearless, Cass Tuplin isn't exactly the Sherlock Holmes type. Yet as Rusty Bore's peer-appointed private investigator she just can't seem to avoid ending up in hot water. 


Identity crisis

Identity crisis

Why are we all so hostile? So quick to take offence? Truly we are living in the age of outrage. A series of apparently random murders draws amiable, old-school Detective Mick Matlock into a world of sex, politics, reality TV and a bewildering kaleidoscope of opposing identity groups.


488 rules for life : the thankless art of being correct

488 rules for life : the thankless art of being correct
Flanagan, Kitty, 1968-

488RulesforLife is KittyFlanagan's way of making the world a more pleasant place to live. Providing you with the antidote to every annoying little thing, these rules are not made to be broken. 


Lake Success : a novel

Lake Success : a novel
Shteyngart, Gary, 1972-

When his dream of the perfect marriage, the perfect son, and the perfect life implodes, a Wall Street millionaire takes a cross-country bus trip in search of his college sweetheart and ideals of youth. Myopic, narcissistic, hilariously self-deluded and divorced from the real world. 


Ayoade on top : a voyage (through a film) in a book (about a journey)

Ayoade on top : a voyage (through a film) in a book (about a journey)
AyoadeRichard, 1977-

At last, the definitive book about possibly the best cabin crew dramedy ever filmed from one of the most 'insubstantial' people of our age. At last, the definitive book about perhaps the best cabin crew dramedy ever filmed: View From the Top starring Gwyneth Paltrow.


Annabel vs the Internet : the time I infiltrated Google HQ - and other stories [electronic resource]

Annabel vs the Internet : the time I infiltrated Google HQ - and other stories [eBook]
Port, Annabel

Annabel Port has found herself in some bizarre and, let?s say, diverse situations. She?s sneaked around Google HQ in search of ball pools. She?s exhibited her own conceptual art at the Tate Modern (unofficially). She?s been a real-life shop mannequin at Mulberry. 


Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse : And Other Lessons from Modern Life

Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse : And Other Lessons from Modern Life [eBook]

What's wrong with calling a burglar brave? Why are people so f***ing hung up about swearing? Why do the asterisks in that sentence make it okay? Why do so many people want to stop other people doing things, and how can they be stopped from stopping them?


The helpline

The helpline

Germaine Johnson may not be all that good with people but she’s great with numbers. Unfortunately, as she discovers after the incident at Wallace Insurance, there are very few openings these days for senior mathematicians. Then her cousin gets her a job at the council.


The second life of Nathan Jones [ebook]

The second life of Nathan Jones [ebook]

Getting hit by a bus was the best thing that ever happened to him When one wrong step - and the poor timing of the number 19 bus - send Nathan Ward to the Edinburgh morgue his story should have ended but then he went and woke up.Returned to real life Nathan finds a wife disappointed that he's miraculously returned from the dead and an unshakeable ache for beautiful mortuary technician Kat - the woman who brought him back to life, in more ways than one.Now, as his world implodes and Kat leads him down an unexpected path, Nathan somehow finds himself having the time of his second life.


True girt : the unauthorised history of Australia. Volume 2

True girt : the unauthorised history of Australia. Volume 2
Hunt, David, 1971-

"First there was Girt. Now comes . . . True Girt In this side-splitting sequel to his best-selling history, David Hunt transports us to the Australian frontier. This was the Wild South, home to hardy pioneers, gun-slinging bushrangers, directionally challenged explorers, nervous indigenous people, Caroline Chisholm and sheep. Lots of sheep. True Girt introduces Thomas Davey, the hard-drinking Tasmanian governor who invented the Blow My Skull cocktail, and Captain Moonlite, Australia's most famous LGBTI bushranger.


Paris and other disappointments

Paris and other disappointments
Rozenbachs, Adam

"Sick of going overseas and enjoying himself, comedian Adam Rozenbachs decided he would take his father on the trip of a lifetime to Europe. For his dad, it was a chance to return to the place he hadn't seen since fleeing post-war Germany. 


Rolling fields

Rolling fields
TruebaDavid, 1969-

Dani Mosca is 40 and his father has just died. Fulfilling his father's last wishes, Dani embarks on a road trip back to his childhood village, a three-hour hearse journey from Madrid.


The jetsetters : a novel

The jetsetters : a novel
WardAmanda Eyre, 1972-

"When seventy-year-old Charlotte Perkins submits a sexy essay to the "Become a Jetsetter" contest, she dreams of reuniting her estranged children: Lee, an almost-famous actress; Cord, a handsome Manhattan venture capitalist who can't seem to find a bride; and Regan, a harried mother who took it all wrong when Charlotte bought her a weight watchers gift certificate for her birthday.


Smart ovens for lonely people

Smart ovens for lonely people

In the titular story, a cat-shaped oven tells a depressed woman she doesn't have to be sorry anymore. A Yourtopia Bespoke Terraria employee becomes paranoid about the mounting coincidences in her life.




Megan, recently out of college and working a meaningless job as a gastroenterologist's secretary, openly hates all of her friends for being happy and successful. 


All adults here

All adults here

Coming of age isn't just for kids. When Astrid Strick witnesses a school bus accident in the center of town, it jostles loose a repressed memory from her young parenting days, decades years earlier. 


Sex and vanity

Sex and vanity

When Lucy Tang Churchill meets George Zao at a lavish Capri wedding, she can't stand him - He's a mama's boy. A self-righteous eco-warrior. A brooding weirdo that takes himself much too seriously. And no-one should look that good in tight white Speedos. 


One year of Ugly

One year of Ugly

"After fleeing crumbling, volatile Venezuela, Yola Palacio wants nothing more than to settle into a peaceful new life in Trinidad with her family. And who cares if they're there illegally - aren't most of the people on the island? But life for the Palacios is far from quiet...


Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here
WilsonKevin, 1978-
Lillian and Madison were unlikely roommates and yet inseparable friends at their elite boarding school. Then Lillian had to leave the school unexpectedly in the wake of a scandal and they've barely spoken since. Until now, when Lillian gets a letter from Madison pleading for her help.