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The family book 

The family book

Represents a variety of families, some big and some small, some with only one parent and some with two moms or dads, some quiet and some noisy, but all alike in some ways and special no matter what.



GaneriAnita, 1961-Questions and feelings about

This hands-on picture book is designed to help children with their questions and feelings about tricky topics that can be hard to talk about. The exquisite and approachable illustrations give a comforting story book feel, particularly aimed at 5-7 year olds.


Just right family : an adoption story

Just right family : an adoption story

"When Meili learns her parents are adopting another child, she must accept the role of big sister and realize a new addition can be justright too"


Katie careful and the very sad smile

Katie careful and the very sad smile
Naish, Sarah

KatieCareful has just moved in with her siblings and their new parents. Even if she's sad or scared, she smiles and smiles to try and hide her wobbly feelings. She clings on to her Mum's leg and won't let go and she even follows her to the toilet.

A most unusual day

A most unusual day

Caroline is anxious all day at school, nervous about her newly-adopted sister's arrival from far away.

My new mom & me

My new mom & me

When the puppy comes to live with his new mum, he is nervous. His newmom has stripes and he doesn't. But his mum says she likes that they look different. The puppy's new mum does all the things other parents do: she plays with him, takes care of him, and sometimes even makes him mad!

Rosie rudey and the very annoying parent

Rosie rudey and the very annoying parent
NaishSarahA therapeutic parenting book

Today RosieRudey has had enough! "Rosie, put your coat on, it's cold outside." "Rosie, bring your sandwich box to the kitchen, please." "Rosie, stop being nasty to your brother." LEAVE ME ALONE, she thought. Rosie did not have an easy childhood which has made her build a hard shell.

Sophie Spikey has a very big problem

Sophie Spikey has a very big problem
Naish, SarahA therapeutic parenting book

Sophiehas misplaced her shoes again, but rather than ask for help she wears an old, uncomfortable pair until her new mother guesses how Sophie is feeling and makes things better. Includes a note on "therapeutic parenting."

We belong together : a book about adoption and families

We belong together : a book about adoption and families
Parr, Todd


William Wobbly and the very bad day

William Wobbly and the very bad day
Naish, SarahA therapeutic parenting book
"He didn't want to go to school and when he got there things just got worse. The wobbly feeling got bigger and bigger and BIGGER until...something happened to William Wobbly when he was very little, which makes it hard for him to understand or control his feelings.