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The Black Rock - Beaumaris Electric Tramway Estate

B & W photograph, 5.5 x 10cm. Photo of corner and front of Beaumaris Hotel from Beach Road with cars and people in foreground. Photo two: Black Rock shopping centre 1925-1926. This can be reached by electric tram inside 5 minutes. The shops include a chemist (Sayle), newsagency and others. On the left of the photograph is a tram at the terminus. Photo is taken on beach side of Beach Road, near Bluff Road, Black Rock. Photo three: Beaumaris Hotel and Baths, taken from the Bay of Diamonds, 'Prettier than the Bay of Naples'. View with Beaumaris Baths in foreground, Keefers Boatshed below Beaumaris Hotel. Photo four: B & W, 6 x 10cm, with examples of villas in the area of the estate. Photo five: B & W, 6 x 10cm, showing an example of a villa close to the estate. For more information see ID: 20084-86
The Black Rock - Beaumaris Electric Tramway Estate
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01 Jan 1925 - 31 Dec 1926
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Graphic materials
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