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Becoming a Member

Membership of Bayside Library Service is free to all people.

There is no minimum age (those under 18 years require a signature from their parent or guardian for Full Membership).

You may join either in person or online.

Web Membership for digital resources only

To create a Web Membership read and accept the membership conditions below and then complete the Join Online form. This will provide you with your Web Membership and your Web Member Number.

You may use your Web Member Number to access most of our digital resources such as ebooks and eaudio.

Full Membership

To become a full member with borrowing privileges please visit your nearest branch with proof of your current address and photo ID (if you are under 18 a parent/guardian must bring their ID).

Web Membership before becoming a full member

To create a Temporary Web Membership before becoming a full member, read and accept the membership conditions below and then complete the Join Online form. This will provide you with your Temporary Web Membership and Temporary Web Member Number.

You can use your Temporary Web Member number to place a reservation on items available for loan before becoming a Full Member.

You may use your Temporary Web Member Number to access most of our digital resources such as ebooks and eaudio, however once you receive your membership card you will have to update your memberships to any services to which you have signed up with the Temporary Web Member Number.

To become a full member please visit your nearest branch with photo ID (if you are under 18 a parent/guardian must bring their ID) and proof of current address.

Membership and conditions of use


With Full Membership you may:

  • borrow up to 30 items for 4 weeks (except magazines which can be borrowed for 2 weeks).
  • renew up to two times per item online, phone or by visiting the Library, unless the item has been reserved by someone else.
  • reserve up to 15 items
  • request up to 5 items
  • book a computer (under 18s require parental/guardian signed approval)

What happens if I can't get my item(s) back on time?

We'll let you know via email when your item is getting close to the overdue date. You can renew your item online or contact the library and we'll do it for you.

We understand that accidents happen and items may become damaged, please return the item(s) and let us know so that we can make the necessary repairs.

Please be aware that should an item become overdue by 30 days your account will be suspended.

Does the Library charge?

We apply fees:

  • if you request an item from outside the Bayside Library Service
  • when items become lost or damaged
  • other services such as; photocopying/printing, lost cards, training, activities and events.

Please be sure to notify us:

  • of a change of name, address or email.
  • if you have lost your card

WiFi and Computer use

As a Library Member you have access to the Library's public computers for personal use.

We will:

  • ensure computers are maintained for your use
  • maintain multimedia equipment in good, workable condition
  • provide free wireless for your own device

We ask you to:

  • read and accept our wireless internet access and use conditions
  • have basic understanding of the use of Personal Computers,
  • be aware of your own security and privacy of personal data, including documents sent to printers

Using the Internet in the Library

Appropriate use of the internet is expected. Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to:

  • Destruction of, or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to Bayside Library or others.
  • Display of offensive or inappropriate material. This can include, but is not limited to, pornography, hate sites, gratuitous violence and sites using frequent, highlighted offensive language.
  • Intentional unauthorised copying of copyright-protected material or infringement of licence agreements and other contracts.
  • The violation or attempted violation of any computer network's system security.
  • The violation of the privacy of individuals or entities that are creators, authors, users or subjects of the information resources.
  • Unauthorised monitoring of electronic communications.
  • Inappropriate use of email services, such as spamming or bullying.

Bayside Library Service reserves the right to check any patron's use of its Public Internet Service including a patron's data transmissions both sent and received when any member of Bayside Library Service staff reasonably suspects that a patron is in breach of the Internet Access and Use Conditions.

If such a breach does occur, access privileges may be withdrawn.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing you with a respectful, safe and comfortable environment.

Unacceptable behaviour, such as harassment, aggression or the use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated in the Library. People who consistently behave in an unacceptable manner may be refused entry to the Library for a specified period.

Bayside City Council ('Council') takes all reasonable measures to maintain the material/media on loan in good and workable condition. However, to the extent permitted by law, it is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the material/media.

Council has CCTV in operation throughout the library. However, you are responsible for your personal belongings and reminded to not leave them unaccompanied at any time. Council accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of personal belongings.

Council collects your/your child's personal information for the purpose of processing your/your child's membership application. We are unable to process this application without this information. If you have any queries or wish to gain access to your information, please contact Council's privacy officer on 9599 4444 or at


Click the button below to accept these conditions and proceed to the registration form.