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Request an Item Not Held

Is our collection missing something? Let us know!


We will be glad to either:

  • Consider purchasing your suggestion, providing it meets Library guidelines
  • Request the item via interlibrary loan from an applicable Library Service


Before placing your request, please Search our Catalogue to make sure that we don't already have the item you are looking for.


If you can't find the item you are looking for in our catalogue, and it is a new publication, we may purchase it for the Library collection and it will automatically be reserved for you. This is a free service.

Please note that Bayside will already be purchasing all popular movies and TV shows to add to our collection. You do not need to submit a request for these titles. Please remember that a film's theatrical release date is different to the DVD release date. Content from specific publishers like Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime are not always released on DVD.


If the item was published more than two years ago, or falls outside our Collection Guidelines, we can borrow it for your from another library service for a fee. Fees for interlibrary loan requests are payable on collection of your request

  • $4.10 for items coming from another public library service
  • $28.80 for items coming from an academic/university library

Our staff will contact you to confirm the fee before proceeding with the request.

Click Here to Place a Request