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Careers at the Library

Are you interested in working or volunteering at Bayside Libraries?

Here are some of the avenues you could take to join our team, or start a career in libraries:

  • Work Experience in the Library 
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Library Technician
  • Librarian
  • Volunteering at the Library

Work Experience is the short-term placement of students with ‘host’ employers, to provide insights into the library as a workplace. Students (typically in Year 10) are placed with employers primarily to observe and learn – not to undertake activities which require extensive training or experience.  Bayside Libraries offer a limited number of work experience placements each year to students in Year 10 with an interest in a future career in the library industry. 

Industry Placements are frequently a required component of tertiary-level information services degrees. We are happy to accommodate students undertaking their mandatory Industry Placement.  Our Industry Placement program is tailored to showcase to students the diverse range of work undertaken by the library. 

Applications for Work Experience and Industry Placement can be emailed to 

The circulation desk is the hub of the library offering patrons access to many of the services available. It is the place where people approach for assistance. The work requires accuracy in ensuring items are issued and returned in to the catalogue. 

Whilst no formal qualifications are required to work as a customer services officer at the library, you will be required to have a year 10 level of numeracy and literacy skills, a willingness to serve, eager to learn, must like reading and can troubleshoot equipment.

If this sounds like you, please visit to view any available positions in the Library team

Library technicians focus on operational and technical aspects of library and information. They assist with customer reference queries at the counter and by phone; assist with internet and online database searches and help maintain library resources, records and systems. 

To work as a Library Technician at Bayside Library Service, you will need to have a formal qualification. For more information on becoming a Library Technician visit the Australian Library and Information Association website

If this sounds like you, please visit

Librarians help people find information, decide what items to purchase and withdraw from the collection, offer training programs, help people use the internet, maintain the library catalogue, and more.

The information desk is an important area of the library that requires accuracy in ensuring that the information given is authoritative and accurate. It is important that this area of the library service exceeds the customer’s expectations with the services that we offer. This is why it is important that we have qualified trained staff answering reference queries.

Librarians at Bayside often have a specialist focus in a specific area including, adult services, youth services, reference services and local history. To work as a librarian at Bayside Library Service, you will need to have a formal qualification in Library and Information Management. 

If you are considering a career as a Librarian, why not schedule in some time to come and talk with your local Librarian as to the opportunities the profession has available to you, or visit the Australian Library and Information Association website.

If working as a librarian at Bayside Library sounds like the job for you, please visit for available positions. 

For more information of careers in the library industry and job opportunities, please visit the peak bodies for the industry.

You can help the Library by volunteering in a number of programs run by Bayside Library. Take part in this rewarding experience and assist others in your community by volunteering. Our volunteers currently assist with:

If this sounds like you, please visit

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