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Help using the Bayside Library Catalogue

How do I find an item?

The quickest way to find an item is to use our online catalogue. This service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The online catalogue searches for all items located at any of our branches, as well as our eLibrary

How do I request an item that I want?

As you browse through the records retrieved by your search in our online catalogue, you can place a reservation (Click & Collect) for individual titles or for a set of titles. When placing Click & Collect requests on a set of titles, you can choose whether you want to reserve all titles in the set, or only some of them depending on which items become available first.

To Click & Collect an individual item:

1. Perform a search for the title you would like to reserve using any access point and view the record in full display.
2. Select the Click & Collect button displayed at the top and bottom of the record display. This button will only appear if a request may be placed on this title. A form will be presented for you to complete.
3. Enter your borrower number and password if you are not already logged in.
4. Select the location from which you would like collect the item.
5. Select the Continue button.
6. The details of your request will be displayed. This includes your current rank in the waiting list for the title.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the catalogue, please let us know


Can I renew my loans online?

Yes you can renew your loans from the My Account. To login:

1. Login from the Home Page, from the top navigation bar
2. Enter your borrower ID (which is the barcode from your library card) and your password.
3. Click the Login button.
4. Select Current Loans from the drop down menu
5. Choose the items you wish to renew

For your convenience, items which are not requested by other borrowers, will automatically be renewed for you. 

You can keep track of your loans by:
logging into your account online
using the library app (Android or Apple)
visiting a branch
calling us during opening hours on 03.9261.7840


How do I add my review to a Library Book?

As you browse through the records, you will notice that some records are displayed with a number of stars. This indicates that one or more reviews have been made by our Library Members. The number of stars displayed is an average of the ratings given to this record by the reviewers. Ratings are given as a number between 0 (very bad) and 10 (very good).

If you would like to add your own comments on an item that the library holds

1. Retrieve the record you want to add your review to and display in full display.
2. Click on the link to Add your review (at the bottom of the record). This will display a form for you to complete.
3. Enter your borrower ID and password if you are not already logged in.
4. Select the rating you would like to assign with 0 being very bad and 10 being very good.
5. Enter your comments. You can enter as much text as you like. Press Enter to start a new paragraph.
6. Select the Add Comment button to submit your review. Your comments will be reviewed by library staff before being made available for public viewing.


What is an alert profile and how do I set one up?

An alert profile allows you to create a profile that matches your personal preferences for materials you would like to borrow. When any new items that have been added to the Library collection that meet your profile's criteria, you will be sent an email containing details for each item. When you receive this email, you can click on the hyperlink to go directly to the item and place a reservation against it if you wish.

In order to use this email alert facility, you must have an email address included in your registration details.

To add a new alert profile:
1. Login to My Library and select New Alert Profile
2. Enter your preferences in the search profile fields. You can select several options from the multi-choice lists.
3. Click the Search button (or press the enter key) to test your search to see if it retrieves the number and type of records you are expecting. This will apply your search preferences to the Library Catalogue and will display the records retrieved. Return to your profile using the navigation breadcrumb displayed at the top of the result set.
4. Make any necessary adjustments to your search profile and retest the search.
5. Select an alert frequency to indicate how often you would like the library to email you any new works matching your profile.
6. Optionally enter an expiry date if you do not want alerts to be sent after a specific date.
7. Provide a short description of your profile so that you can recognise it in your profile list. This will also be included in the email that is sent to you.
8. Click the Save button to create your new profile. A message will be displayed to let you know your profile has been created and the form will be cleared to enable you to enter another profile if you want to.

To remove an alert profile:
1. Login to My Library and access the My Account
2. Choose History
3. Select the Alert Profiles link. This will display a list of your existing profiles.
4. Select the profile you would like to remove by clicking on the description link.


What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password and we have a record of your email address, we can send you an email containing a link for resetting your password. Please contact us if you don't have an email address.

1. Select Forgot Your Password?
2. Enter your borrower number and your surname.
3. Click the OK button.

An email with a link for resetting your password will be sent to your registered email address.

What is My SavedList?

This allows you to compile a list of records from the Bayside Library catalogue. You can then use this list of records for a number of purposes, such as:

Email details of the saved records to a nominated address
Download details of the saved records to a local disk file
Place a reservation on a selection of the records in your list, or place a reservation on all the records in the list (if there are 15 or less)


What if I have other questions?

If you any other questions on any topic, we'll do our best to find the answer for you. Please visit the Contact Us page for options.

View my active saved list