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Moorabbin Council V Residents

B & W photograph, 20 x 25cm. Donated by Beaumaris and District Historical Trust. This cricket match between Moorabbin Council and the residents was held to celebrate the opening of the Cheltenham Recreation Ground on 12 October 1899. Front row (left to right): F. Le Page (cllr), Alec. Rose, Raymont Rose, James Monk, W.P. Fairlam, Mr. Cullon (Headmaster, Moorabbin State School), J. Butler (Jun.), Thomas Chandler (sen.), W. Organ. Second row (left to right): R. Woff, C.T. Alexander (Brighton Southern Cross), Geo. Brownfield (cllr), M. Clements (cllr), Robert Mills (cllr), Burgess (cllr), de H. Storey (cllr), Geo Bodley (Rate Collector, Engineer), E. McSwain (Rate Collector), T. Evans (Headmaster, Cheltenham School), T. Chapman. Third row (left to right): H. Barnett (cllr), G. Puttick, Stan. Cullen, S. Chandler, ?. Back row (left to right): T. Curtain (Policeman), S. Fawkner, J. Butler (sen.), A. Hewitt, ? Chandler, F. Chandler, B. Warne, A. Docura, Geo. Barrett, Dr. Scantlebury, ?, J. Matthews, Arthur Organ.
Moorabbin Council V Residents
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