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List view record 1: Amira's suitcaseList view anchor tag for record 1: Amira's suitcase
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Amira's suitcase

Conley, Vikki2021
"It begins with a tiny seed growing inside a suitcase. With Amira's care, the tiny seed starts to sprout. Find out what happens when kindness flourishes . . . Amira's Suitcase is a gentle, thought-provoking tale about friendship and hope." -- Back cover.
List view record 2: Big LoveList view anchor tag for record 2: Big Love
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Big Love

Jacobson, Megan2021
How can you describe how big a parent's love is for their child? Is it as big as a house, as big as a city, as big as the world? This uplifting picture book helps young readers in finding an answer.
List view record 3: Florence & FoxList view anchor tag for record 3: Florence & Fox
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Florence & Fox

Louise, Zanni2021
Two talented Australian creators team up for a delightful book that is a must-have for any child who finds it difficult to share. Florence can't share her toys with Fox today because today is not Sharing Day. In fact, Sharing Day is not for hundreds of days. Fox has never heard of Sharing Day and...
List view record 4: Grumble boatsList view anchor tag for record 4: Grumble boats
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Grumble boats

McFarlane, Susannah2021
Emma is very grumpy. Why should she have to visit Grandma while her brother goes to a pirate party? Harumph! Fortunately, Grandma knows exactly how to send Emma's bad mood away... Grumble Boats is a gorgeous reminder of the power of nature and the special magic of grandmas to make us feel better.
List view record 5: Hello worldList view anchor tag for record 5: Hello world
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Hello world

Shanahan, Lisa2021
See the world through the eyes of a toddler, with this perfect new picture book from much-loved pair Lisa Shanahan and Leila Rudge. The sun is up and so is one gorgeous munchkin, ready to welcome the world! With a delicious rhyming text and scrumptious illustrations, here is a joyous celebration ...
List view record 6: How to make friendsList view anchor tag for record 6: How to make friends
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How to make friends

Rabbit, Cat2021
Bear has lots of friends if you count her toys, but she's not sure how to make real friends. And she especially wants to be friends with Koala and Lamb. They both have fluffy ears and like green things. What's a timid bear to do? This is a story about making friends while keeping the qualities (a...
List view record 7: A human for KingsleyList view anchor tag for record 7: A human for Kingsley
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A human for Kingsley

Evans, Gabriel, 1991-2021
Kingsley had decided to own a human. This was not a decision to be taken lightly. After all, owning a human is a responsibility. But finding the right kind of human is much harder than Kingsley expected. Some are too bossy. Some are too busy. And some just don't seem to appreciate a dog the way t...
List view record 8: Jumping joeys : marsupials of AustraliaList view anchor tag for record 8: Jumping joeys : marsupials of Australia
List view record 9: Little OneList view anchor tag for record 9: Little One
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Little One

Godwin, Jane, 1964-2021
Pippi loves her special Little One: she's soft like mist and always warm, and she's there for Pippi through night and day. Together, they sit at the window and wonder at the world. But one day, Little One goes missing. Pippi feels lost too, but perhaps she can learn to wonder at the world without...
List view record 10: The march of the antsList view anchor tag for record 10: The march of the ants
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The march of the ants

Dubosarsky, Ursula, 1961-2021
The ants are heading out on a very important expedition. What will they need to take with them? It's a wild journey! And in the end, it's the littlest ant who leads the others to discover the most important thing of all. A book about a very special book.
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