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Bear Against Time

Fromental, Jean-Luc2021
Bear can't tell time and it's causing chaos for the human family he lives with. He botches breakfast, he's late for school, he swaps music with gym class, and he misses lunch, too. When his time-management skills land him in a sticky situation, the family decides enough is enough.
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Me Counting Time

Sweeney, Joan2019
Now with new illustrations by Alex Willmore, Me Counting Time is a playful introduction to the concept of time. When a young boy prepares for his seventh birthday and counts how many years old he is, he begins on an exploration of the many units of time that are a part of everyday life.
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Telling Time

Adler, David A.2021
A group of young space travelers can't wait for their pizza party later, but how many hours away is dinner? What are hours anyway?Readers follow along as a loveable crew of kid astronauts and their Martain friends go about their daily routine, exploring the differences between seconds, minutes, a...
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