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The runners book of training secrets

Sparks, Ken, 1945-1996
More than 50 world-class runners reveal the secrets of their success - and a top sports physiologist explains how their training methods can work for you, whether you've been running for a day or a decade. Turbo-charge your performance with expert advice on speed training, strength training, nutrition and supplementation, cross-training, stretching, masters running, peaking, injury prevention and much more!
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The runners book of training secrets / by Ken Sparks and Dave Kuehls.
Emmaus, Pa. : Rodale Press ; [New York] : Distributed in the book trade by St. Martin's Press , c1996.
viii, 230 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includses index.
1. Traits of a Serious Runner: What It Takes to Succeed -- 2. Physiological Profile of a Runner: Analyzing the Elite Makeup -- 3. Going the Distance: Building a Base for Distance Running -- 4. Strength Training: Running Hills and Pumping Iron -- 5. Speed Training: Learning to Run Faster -- 6. Training Logs: A Piece of Your History -- 7. Running Injuries: Staying in the Game -- 8. Running Shoes: Take a Cue from the Feet of the Elite -- 9. Stretching: Indispensable for Peak Flexibility -- 10. Mental Training: Staying Motivated -- 11. Cross-Training: From Cycling to Skiing -- 12. Treadmill Running: The Advantages of Indoor Workouts -- 13. Training and Racing in the Heat: Drinking Fluids to Keep Cool -- 14. Training and Racing in the Cold: Dressing Right to Stay Warm -- 15. The Effects of Altitude: Less Oxygen Means More Work -- 16. Nutrition: Eating to Run -- 17. Masters Running: 40-Plus and Still Going Strong -- 18. Women Who Run: Training to Win.19. Peaking: Planning for Top Performance -- 20. Short-Distance Races: 5-Ks and 10-Ks: Running Fast -- 21. Marathon Training: An Elite Meeting of the Minds -- 22. Who's Who in Running: Learn More about Our Top Runners.
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