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Fearless Jones

Mosley, Walter, 1952-2001
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Paris Minton is minding his own business - a small used-book store of which he is the proud proprietor - when a beautiful woman walks in and asks a few questions. Before he knows it, Paris has been beaten up, slept with, shot at, robbed, and his bookstore has been burned to the ground. He's in so much trouble he has no choice but to get his friend Fearless Jones out of jail to help him. Things get scary fast as they look into this woman's past, and the more they learn, the harder it gets. Set in Los Angeles in the 1950's, Paris Minton and Fearless Jones fight with the few things they have - few rights, little money, and no recourse. Fearless Jones and Paris Minton are a fabulous duo to rival Easy Rawlins and his sidekick Mouse in popularity.
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