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Katie and the starry night
Katie and the starry night
Mayhew, James, 1964-2012
The stars in Vincent van Gogh's painting are so beautiful that Katie can't resist reaching in and taking one. But what will she do when all the other stars come tumbling out of the painting, too? Will Katie be able to catch the stars before the gallery guard notices they've floated away? Features five Van Gogh masterpieces: The Starry Night; Noon; Vincent's Chair; Fishing Boats on the Beach; The Olive Grove. James Mayhew created Katie as a way to make art accessible to all children.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryJunior Picture BooksMAYOnloan - Due: 07 Dec 2019
Brighton LibraryJunior Picture BooksMAYOnloan - Due: 14 Dec 2019