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Love triangle : Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman, & Nancy Davis
Love triangle : Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman, & Nancy Davis
Porter, Darwin2014
Main title:
[New York] : Blood Moon Productions, 2014
662 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 23 cm.
Includes index.
Machine generated contents note: ch. One Before Meeting Reagan, "Sarah Jane" Marries a Sex Maniac and later, a Trannie Who Sold Dresses. Her First Marriage is Suppressed, the Other Forgotten. Mating Games: Jane's Romantic Detours with George Raft, Errol Flynn, & Bing Crosby. Jane and the "Chorus Girl Cuties" (Lucille Ball, Betty Grable, & Paulette [ect.] -- ch. Two Ronald Reagan in Hollywood---Warner Brothers' "Errol Flynn of the B's." A Victim of Chronic "Leadinglady-itis," He Falls in Love Again... and Again... and Again... and Again -- ch. Three Jane Wyman, Starlet on the Rise, Pursues Clark Gable, Henry Fonda, and Robert Taylor. Overdressed, Ambitious, and Outfitted with Cheap, Flashy Jewelry, "the Hey-Hey Girl" Dances the Night Away -- ch. Four "Horndog Reagan," Conquering Warners, Starlet by Starlet. "He's a Greater Swordsman than Errol Flynn." Reagan About His Role in Dark Victory: "Just because I was cast as a homo doesn't mean I am one." --Contents note continued: ch. Five Fiery Susan Hayward Battles Jane Wyman for Reagan during His War with the Dead End Kids. Reagan Complains: "Too Many Starlets are Demanding my Services." Bobbysoxers in Philadelphia Strip "Sexy Ronnie" Naked -- ch. Six Louella Parsons' "Favorite Lovebirds," Ronnie and Jane, Begin Married Life. "Win One For the Gipper" Morphs into a Vote-Getting Jingle for Future Campaigns. USC's Art Department Offers Reagan a Stint as a Nude Model -- ch. Seven When Quoted by His Enemies, Reagan's Most Famous Movie Line, "Where's the Rest of Me?" Becomes a Mockery of His Shortcomings. The Press Hails "Jane and Ronnie" as America's Perfect Couple. "Dreamboats" John Payne and Dennis Morgan Pursue Jane, as Reagan is Ensnared by Rival Blondes, Betty Grable and Carole [ect.] --Contents note continued: ch. Eight After His Success in Kings Row, Reagan Becomes MCA's "Million Dollar Baby." Drafted into the Army, He Objects to Medics Fondling "My Family Jewels." Jane Enlists the Homosexual Actor Van Johnson as a "Beard" to Disguise Her Infidelities -- ch. Nine Jane and Reagan Go to War. When Reagan Becomes a Propaganda Agent for the U.S. Army---a "Bloodless Celluloid Commando"---His Popularity Roars to An All-Time High. Jane, Finding True Love in the Arms of John Payne, Defines Reagan as a "Has-Been." -- ch. Ten Starlet Nancy Davis Joins MGM's Contract Players and Gets a Reputation as "One of Those Girls Whose Phone Number Gets Handed Around a Lot." Her romantic interludes include "Quality Time" with Clark Gable, Peter Law-ford, Robert Walker, Alfred Drake, Mike Wallace, and Marlon Brando, and career-enhancing assistance from Spencer Tracy and MGM's Casting Director, Benny [ect.] --Contents note continued: ch. Eleven Jane Wins an Oscar---At Last, Big-time Stardom for "the Hey-Hey Girl." She Spends Lost Weekends with Ray Milland, and Works Through Marital Dramas Behind the Scenes of Johnny Belinda. Jane to Reagan: "I'm in love with Lew Ayres, and he wants to marry me." -- ch. Twelve Jane Dumps Reagan, Leaving Him Broken-Hearted and Suicidal. Pistol-Packin' Reagan Faces Death Threats from Union Brass, then Outs Hollywood Commies to the FBI. In His New Role as a Liberated, Highly Visible Bachelor on the Prowl, He Pleasures Marilyn Monroe and Doris Day -- ch. Thirteen Jane Battles Marilyn for the Man Who Becomes Her Husband #4 and #5. A "Cougar on the Prowl," with a Magnificent Obsession, She Seeks Young, Hot, and Handsome Male Flesh on the Hoof, Falling in Love with Rock Hudson, Until She Discovers Him in Bed with Her Husband -- Special Feature Hellcats Of The Navy -- Hellcat Reagan and Nurse Nancy Co-Star in a "Jingoistic Wartime Potboiler." --Contents note continued: ch. Fourteen "Ronnie and Nancy"---Their Tortuous, Sometimes Reluctant Road to Marriage, and the Dysfunctional Union of Two Competing Families. Before Presiding as First Lady of the Free World, Nancy Learns to Shovel Horse Manure at her Boyfriend's Ranch in Malibu -- Special Feature White House Nights -- Frank Sinatra and the Reagans: A Love Triangle -- Special Feature "Gorbachev, Tear Down That Wall!" -- What a Venerable Starlette of B-List Films, "Songbird" Joy Hodges, told the President of the Soviet Union during a State Dinner at the White House -- ch. Fifteen The Long Goodbye. Finale. Rest In Peace -- Acknowledgments -- Who Talked and Who Didn't -- Recording The Voices -- Love Triangle: Its Authors.
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