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You're the kind of girl I write songs about
You're the kind of girl I write songs about
Herborn, Daniel2015
Tim is repeating the HSC, but he's more into music than studying. He is juggling playing in a band with handing in assignments and the music is winning. Mandy is taking a year off before she starts uni. Her problem is she doesn't really know what she wants to study, so she's working (sort of) and even by her own admission spends too much watching daytime TV and drinking tea with best friend Alice, with the tea being an excuse for talking - lots. Tim and Mandy meet at a gig. The attraction is immediate, but they are both so shy and self-conscious, but over time they slowly, awkwardly, move toward each, meeting by coincidence, each unsure as to how the other feels.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryTeen FictionT HERAvailable
Brighton LibraryTeen FictionT HEROnloan - Due: 12 May 2021