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Unlikely friendships : 47 remarkable stories from the animal kingdom
Unlikely friendships : 47 remarkable stories from the animal kingdom
Holland, Jennifer S.2011
Presents a collection of stories about animals who have forged unlikely, abiding bonds with other animals of different species, from Koko the gorilla and All Ball the kitten to Owen the hippo and the tortoise Mzee.
New York : Workman, 2011.
xiii, 210 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 21 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 208-209)
Introduction -- The African Elephant and the Sheep -- The Asiatic Black Bear and the Black Cat -- The Bobcat Kitten and the Fawn -- The Bobtailed Dog and the Bobtailed Cat -- The Cheetahs and the Anatolian Shepherds -- The Cockatoo and the Cat -- The Dachshund and the Piglet -- The Diver and the Manta Ray -- The Donkey and the Mutt -- The Duckling and the Kookaburra -- The Elephant and the Stray Dog -- The Ferrets and the Big Dogs -- The Golden Retriever and the Koi -- The Gorilla and the Kitten -- the Hippopotamus and the Pygmy Goat -- The Iguana and the House Cats -- The Leopard and the Cow -- The Lion Cub and the Caracal Siblings -- The Lion, the Tiger, and the Bear -- The Lioness and the baby Oryx -- The Macaque and the Dove -- The Macaque and the Kitten -- The Mare and the Fawn -- The Monkeys and the Capybaras -- The Mouflon and the Eland -- The Nearsighted Deer and the Poodle -- The Orangutan and the Kitten -- The Orangutan Babies and the Tiger Cubs -- The Owl and the Spaniel -- The Owlet and the Greyhound -- The Papillon and the Squirrel -- The Photographer and the Leopard Seal -- The Pit Bull, the Siamese Cat and the Chicks -- The Potbellied Piglet and the Rhodesian Ridgeback -- The Rabbit and the Guinea Pig -- The Rat and the Cat -- The Red Pandas and the Mothering Mutt -- The Rhinoceros, the Warthog and the Hyena -- The Rottweiler and the Wolf Pup -- The Salty Dog and the Dolphins -- The Seeing-Eye Cat and the Blind Mutt -- The Sled Dog and the Polar Bear -- The Snake and the Hamster -- The Tortoise and the Hippo -- The White Rhino and the Billy Goat -- The Zebra and the Gazelle -- Afterward -- The Author, the Sweetlips, and the Puffer Fish -- References -- Acknowledgements.
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