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The blood of kings
The blood of kings
Hume, M. K2015
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Flavius Magnus Maximus, a man of great ability and enormous charm, is hailed as one of the most influential Roman officers in Britain. When he befriends Caradoc Strong Arm, the King of the Dumnonii Tribe in Tintagel, he gains an understanding of the disunity that exists between the tribal kings of Britain and thus an ambitious plan ignites within Maximus's mind...As the first High King of the Britons, Maximus gathers together a huge force of brave Roman and British warriors and leads them into battle at Gaul. He has cast his eyes on the throne of the Emperor of Rome and nothing will stand in his way...
Main title:
The blood of kings / M.K. Hume.
London : Headline Review, 2015.©2015
xxv, 512 pages : maps ; 25 cm.
Series title:
Tintagel ; 01.Tintagel ; 01.
9781472215796 (paperback)9781472215802 (hardback)
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Hampton LibraryAdult FictionHUMEAvailable