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Glorious angels
Glorious angels
Robson, Justina2015
Tralane Huntingore. Heiress of an ancient but defunct line of mages, eccentric, erratic, renowned as a scientist, in the prime of her beauty at thirty eight, mother of two daughters, the one slighty, fair and scholarly the dark, fierce and curved like a violin. Tralane lives in the towering spire of Glimshard, one of the Right, a city of Mages. The Mages of Glimshard have made their reputations, learnt their trade, by digging up relics of the past and discovering how they work. But now the future is pressing. The Empire is shaking, the war in the South is going badly and even the unknowable, utterly alien Karoo have been touched by it. Factions within Glimshard are eyeing power. And in the far forests, at the most important archaeological site ever found, the death toll is mounting. This is no time to have daughters who are testing their strength against you and the world.
Main title:
Glorious angels / Justina Robson.
London, England : Gollancz, 2015.©2015
507 pages ; 24 cm.
9780575134010 (paperback)0575134011 (paperback)
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Brighton LibraryFiction FantasyROBSAvailable