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Resisting the enemy
Resisting the enemy
Campbell, Lorraine2014
"Resisting the Enemy follows the story of Valentine de Vaillant (Valli) - French father, Australian opera singer mother - from the beaches of Australia to the boulevards of pre-war Paris, through the German Blitzkrieg and the fall of France, to the long dark years of the Occupation. It is also the story of the men in her life and falls under the category of historical romance. From the moment Valli joins a Resistance group in Lyon, her life under the Nazi Occupation becomes fraught with danger, as she engages in a series of clandestine activities that at any moment could lead to arrest by the Gestapo. When she finds herself becoming attracted to a German officer, her world is thrown into turmoil. How can she possibly reconcile her growing feelings for a member of a brutal, oppressive regime and her life as a French patriot and resistant? A story of conflict, danger and passion. A love between enemies that seems impossibly doomed. It is also about music and opera, the enduring bonds of friendship, and the life and death choices one makes in a time of war."--Provided by publisher.
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