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What she saw
What she saw
Roberts, Mark2014
When a nine-year-old boy is left to die inside a burning car on a sink estate in Peckham, DCI David Rosen is drafted in to investigate. The young boy has been severely burned, and is now fighting for his life. As Rosen and his team begin to scour the crime scene for forensic evidence, they discover something chilling; a graffiti image of a sinister eye, drawn in exquisite detail about the site of the wreckage - and behind it, a series of mysterious markings, etched into the wall. Could the markings represent a secret code left by the killer - a code that will hold the key to the investigation? Even-year-old Macy Conner is the only witness to the arson attack. Macy is an unusual child - deeply observant and articulate. But the more Rosen examines her testimony, the more he starts to question her version of events. Soon, Rosen begins to see that Macy is not quite the innocent, lost little girl she appears to be - there are darker forces at work among the children of the estate. DCI Rosen must fight to get to the right before another attack takes place, and another soul is taken.
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What she saw / Mark Roberts.
London : Corvus, 2014.©2014.
376 pages ; 24 cm.
9780857898326 (paperback)0857898329 (paperback)
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Beaumaris LibraryFiction CrimeROBEAvailable